ActiveBMS® 1634 Ventilation Management Controller

ActiveBMS® EDSaP Relay Actuator, (4) 120/240VAC Relays, 2 EDSaP Comms Ports with integrated all voltage power supply.

Connects to EDSaP gas sensors in stand-alone applications as well as connecting to LSC Lightspace controllers for use with ActiveBMS Server Systems via Ethernet.

Ventilation management controller can operate AC relay (contactor) coil to turn fresh air ventilation on or off as well as control variable speed fans via its 0 to 10 Volt output.

The device takes input from calibrated EDSaP compliant CO2 and O2 air quality sensors.

Thresholds can be set via USB port directly from a Windows Laptop or an iOS device.

Ringdale makes EDSaP compliant CO2 air quality sensors with a practical range from 450ppm to 5000ppm the controller allows setting of low and high thresholds within the range in steps of 100 ppm.

Separate relay outputs for low, high 1, high 2 and critical high can be used to control fan speeds as well as audible alarm devices.

Multiple daisy-chained EDSaP sensors can be powered from the units built-in all-voltage (100..277 Volt AC, 50/60Hz) power source.

The device can also be powered from a 24..48 Volt (nominal) DC power source.

Integration with Ringdale's Building Automation system via LSC-1635 devices.

Part No.: 00-27-0634-0001 CO2

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