ModuLAN® FaxReceiver Appliance MFR-401

This unique fax to email appliance receives faxes on four fax lines simultaneously and converts each document into an e-mail attachment, so that a fax automatically ends up in your mailbox.
The picture to the left shows two MFR-401 units mounted in a standard 19" rack.

Ringdale's ModuLAN FaxReceiver MFR-401 connects to any phone line and Ethernet network and converts incoming faxes into e-mails. This small device is the solution for busy office environments that want the convenience of checking incoming faxes on their computer screens as well as the satisfaction of being able to eliminate unwanted or spam faxes with the click of the delete key.

FaxReceiver's benefits include:

Direct savings by reducing waste significantly, and can produce an ROI of less than a year, based on approximately 20 spam faxes a day @ 0.07 cents per page for 365 days a year, totaling direct savings of US$511 per device.

Indirect savings in efficiency from personnel no longer staring at advertisements in the fax machine could be even higher.

Faster communication as the document no longer needs to be collected from the machine but arrives immediately at the administrator's e-mail inbox. Mail servers can be set up to copy more than one person, so e-mails may be picked up while on the move.

Increased security since FaxReceiver can be located in the Telephone or the Computer Room, away from everyday hazards or malice.

Easy distribution as each page is an attachment in the e-mail that can be easily re-distributed or used for input into other applications or archived.

Supports all email login authentication types, including CRAM-MD5, LOGIN (AUTH=LOGIN) and non-authenticated.

Very low power consumption and high reliability, as there are no moving parts to be maintained or paper to be supplied. On average only 20% of business communication in electronic format is actually printed out, resulting in further savings.

Supports the ubiquitous PDF file format ensuring that the format of the email attachments matches your system requirements.

The FaxReceiver MFR-401 needs setting up only once and will run for a lifetime without maintenance. Parameters are stored permanently in Flash memory and the power-up sequence is less than 10 seconds. Remote management via Telnet with login and password protection allows management in any networked environment such as Windows®, Unix® or Apple®.

Call us today to make your organization more effective and save on energy, consumables and support at the same time.

FaxReceiver MFR-401 Part Numbers:

00-18-4591-1103 PDF USA

00-18-4591-2403 PDF UK

00-18-4591-2203 PDF DE

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