Digital CO2 Air Quality Sensor with IR Receiver for use with ActiveBMS® Ventilation Control equipment

EDSaP compliant Digital CO2 Air Quality Sensor with IR Receiver - Uses Smart Technology to enable ActiveBMS® Ventilation Control equipment in a defined Occupancy Zone to be turned off or on based upon sensed CO2 levels, saving even more energy and therefore building operational cost.

This highly effective and reliable CO2 Gas Sensor is ideal for Air Quality monitoring and HVAC ventilation applications.

This sensor is made in Ringdale's US and UK facilities and is based on the IR absorption method of CO2 giving the product a life expectancy of more than 90,000 hours in a dust free environment.

The sensor chamber is protected by a porous dust filter which can be cleaned or replaced from time to time.

The device is designed to operate in conjunction with Ringdale EDSaP compliant Ventilation Controllers and / or a Ringdale LSC device to send acquired data to a server via Ethernet.

When the dust filter is clogged no accurate measurement is possible, therefore it is the owner/operator responsibility to regularly check and clean the sensor.

Note: When dust filter is removed the fragile analysis chamber is exposed, damage from handling or replacing the dust filter is not covered by the device warranty. Only trained or knowledgeable persons should attempt this task.

Part No.: 00-27-0647 CO2 Gas Sensor

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